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To the People of the Great Territory from the Cxhab Wala Kiwe (Territory of the Great People): I’m the one who is grateful

As I thank you for the good-bye letter you sent me and made public, I need to recognize that there is a lot contained in your words. I will reply as I can, knowing I will not be able to do them justice. Your letter expresses a spirit that moves and inspires me to honor it on its own terms. This is why I start from the wisdom expressed in the conclusion, where you invite me to keep the friendship and gratitude and to continue without resentment and bitterness.

Manuel Rozental: your struggle cannot be torn from this place

[A letter from the Tejido de Comunicacion to Manuel Rozental, Oct 6/09. Manuel's reply is here, in Spanish - English coming soon]

The gift that keeps on giving: Colombia's magic laptops and the war against social movements

One of Colombia's major magazines, Cambio, published a story quoting from the magic laptops that survived bombing in the Ecuadorian jungle and were retrieved after the Colombian government assassinated Raul Reyes just about a year ago (March 3/08). This particular story concerns my friends Hollman Morris and Manuel Rozental.


The march of Colombia's war

Indigenous people in Colombia are fighting their perpetual struggle against the militarization of their communities. In a horrific incident earlier in February, Colombia's guerrillas (the FARC) massacred dozens of Awa indigenous people in Narino. FARC claimed the massacre was a reprisal for Awa's cooperation with the military, who came earlier and coerced some people to cooperate with them.

More stories on the mobilization

The international Freedom of Expression Exchange has a good article on the press aspects of the indigenous march in Colombia.

Below is a declaration of European Parliamentarians.

Parliamentary declaration
About the repression of the indigenous and trade unionist movements in Colombia

Some key pieces on Cauca struggles

We have been sending a great deal over our list but not posting it here - apologies.

Please see Mario Murillo's reports on the situation in Cauca.

See also this key statement of demands, which was accompanied by the text below:

An Historic Day for Indigenous Peoples

Bolivia's elites seek a media coup

Bolivia’s elites seek a media coup

Justin Podur
September 15/08

On my choice of civil resistance

On my choice for civil resistance
Hector Mondragon
September 7, 2008



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