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Jump on the Chiva!

Over the past several years, the US and its multinationals and Uribe's government have sunk Colombia further into a hell of displacement, murder, paramilitarism, and economic violence. Colombia's peoples have resisted with courage and imagination, no one more than the Nasa indigenous of Northern Cauca. All along they have been building their own autonomous project while calling the country to mobilize for change.


Our solitude: Until we become one people, we are no one

For more than 515 years we have been condemned to solitude.


An interview with Jorge Robledo

By Justin Podur and Manuel Rozental


Manuel Rozental Case Cleared by Indigenous Tribunal

We are very pleased to report the following news. The maximum authority of the indigenous territories of Northern Cauca, the Indigenous Tribunal, has found, after the report of its Investigative Commission that worked for a year and four months on the investigation, that the accusations against Manuel Rozental are entirely unfounded, without evidence or merit, and that the accusations represented an attack on the indigenous movement.

Join the Mingas Against the Free Trade Agreement between the US and Colombia

We republish the following from our counterparts in Chicago, Chicagoans for a Peaceful Colombia.


Canadian Mining Mischief in the Americas

Several stories on Canadian mining companies here. An urgent action we are republishing on EnCana in Ecuador, and some information on a Canadian Company in Guatemala. The Ecuador first:


Environmental Irresponsibility, Corruption and Human Rights Abuse: Canada's EnCana Corporation's contribution to Ecuadorian Development




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