Our Stance in Support of CPT

En Camino’s Stance in support of Christian Peacemakers Team: Iraq and Beyond

We were shocked and saddened by the news of the kidnappings of the 4 companieros in Iraq. We must reiterate our absolute admiration and support for the committed work all CPTers carry out throughout the world. We in Colombia have been beneficiaries of your extraordinary convictions turned into action. We know you don't stay under cover to act on behalf of justice, peace and freedom. Yes, this involves consciously taking enormous risks. Yes, this is a decision based on an ethical stance that many more people in the north would benefit from following: you do not accept as a matter of fact that war, terror, misery, exclusion, deprivation and persecution are to be exerted against "them", while "we" remain under cover expressing, at most, our distant and heartfelt compassion. You get in there. You do not accept "we" and "them". We respect you profoundly for this and believe that those, intolerant to peace with justice, be them from the dominant established right or from any other group or position, are against life, justice, peace and humanity even if they all act (or state they act) for peace, justice, democracy or freedom. We will do what we can to promote the right to freedom and respect for the 4 kidnapped team mates and companieros. We offer our solidarity and share our own commitment: And
We know we are not alone.

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