ONIC Issues Invitation to Participate in the Social Summit This Monday

Bulletin 053, National Indigenous Organization of Colombia
Friday, May 12, 2006

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Office of the Inspector General, Ethnic Affairs
National and international NGOs dedicated to human rights advocacy

Warm greetings.

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia announces that on Monday May 15, 2006, we the diverse indigenous peoples will carry out a great National Mobilization Summit, with a call to wake up and not conform passively to projects of death that threaten the life of the peoples and national sovereignty itself.

We have stated to the Colombian State that any decision that affects the nation should be subject to consultation and must take into account the various subjects of this country's laws.

We say no to the Free Trade Agreement and no to the constitutional reforms that limit our rights. We say that we are responsible for society's future destiny and that we don't want to be responsible for a greater and even more painful tragedy for the people of Colombia. On May 15 we will demand unanimous rejection of the imposition of the Free Trade Agreement; unanimous rejection of the ongoing violations expressed in threats against human-rights, social and indigenous NGOs; and unanimous rejection of policies that would affect the collective rights of the indigenous peoples and of the whole population of Colombia.

For this reason we call on the national and international human rights organizations to remain alert for any reprisals the government might carry out in the name of public order against our demonstrations. It is public knowledge that when the people take to the streets to make their statements and protest peacefully, the government mobilizes its elite anti-riot forces to repress us and violate our right to rise up publicly and nonviolently.

The various demonstrations will be accompanied by thousands and thousands of campesinos, workers, homemakers, students--persons who have seen themselves affected by the imposition of economic policies that lead to the violation of all Colombians' human rights.

Thus we call on human rights advocates to accompany the demonstrations as well, to prevent any attack that could place at risk the security, life, and good name of those who march.

ONIC Executive Committee

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