Join the Mingas Against the Free Trade Agreement between the US and Colombia

We republish the following from our counterparts in Chicago, Chicagoans for a Peaceful Colombia.

We also publish here a packet and letter from the Colombia's Procesos y Comunidades Negras and AFRODES (Black People's Processes and Communities and AFRODES, an organziation of displaced Afro-Colombians) organizations to US Congressman Charles Rangel on the Free Trade Agreement. It is in PDF format. For some background on the long struggles of AFRODES and the PCN, see this piece from 2001 on Afrodes and this 2002 article on PCN.


Dear friends of Colombia:

It is time for us to speak out and fight against the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Today the Action Network Against "Free Trade" (RECALCA) [1] in Colombia sent a thoughtful letter to U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel of New York, explaining its opposition to the US-Colombia FTA, signed November 22, 2006, and expressing its desire to work with Congress in both countries to "strengthen economic and trade relations under the principles of mutual benefit, respect for democratic rights, progress and equality." [2]

And today we are calling for the creation of "mingas" [3] or working groups against the FTA all around the United States, to work in a coordinated way to support RECALCA's efforts. For this purpose we have created and are launching a new website, which will serve as an educational tool, providing information about the US-Colombia FTA that is fully updated on a daily basis, and as a tool for communication and coordination in this urgent fight -- a fight that we can and must win!

Join us now in saying No Way FTA! We will be offering ways for you to organize and respond in the coming weeks and months.

[2] Mingas
[3] The minga (a Quechua term) is an ancient tradition of community work for social benefit; it has been used in Latin America since pre-Columbian times.

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