Peru to attack indigenous people in the Amazon

A note from the peruanista blog. Peru's government (along with Colombia, one of the few completely reliable allies the US and multinationals have left in the region) has sent its military against indigenous people in the Amazon and declared a state of emergency, banning public gatherings for 30 days. To quote one of the indigenous leaders:

"We, the Native people, we are not violent, but we the Indigenous peoples have decided to resist and to defend our territories. The government has declared war with the declaration of emergency and the Indigenous people remain strong in their decision to die defending their lands, "said Alberto Pizango, chairman of the Interethnic Association for Development of the Peruvian Forest (AIDESEP in Spanish.

The indigenous have blocked roads to protest the slow destruction of the Amazon forest, the source of their lives and livelihoods. No sooner has the ink dried on the Peru-US free trade agreement than the government has been trying to sell off and privatize these forest lands for oil and gas exploration (among other multinational uses) and circumvent the relevant laws that protect communal land holdings by using executive decrees.

Everything is in place for a brutal repression: a free trade agreement, multinationals awaiting the chance at a land grab, a state of emergency, and troops in the communities. The people of the Amazon have only themselves to count on, and perhaps outsiders too?