“The Peace of Mama Kiwe (Mother Earth) in Freedom, of the Woman Unchained and Unsilenced”: The Meaning of Peace in Colombia from Indigenous Cauca

We make available here for download an English translation of an outstanding text written by Vilma Almendra Quiguanás, published originally as a chapter in Raquel Gutiérrez' (ed.) Palabras para tejernos, resistir y transformar en la época en que estamos viviendo..., Pez en el Árbol: Oaxaca/Puebla, Mexico (2011).

One machismo shouts and performs actions of war, violence, brute force and recruits for their death our sons and daughters of harmony. The other machismo condemns us to kneel before the mandate of the powerful, using pragmatic reasoning and powered by authoritarian and selfish desires. Neither of them are our people. Both silence our grandmothers and grandfathers and do not listen to Mama Kiwe with humility. Screaming at these machismos from my right as a Nasa woman and our right as a free and autonomous people, I demand respect.