Cauca: a knot in the war

By Alfredo Molano Bravo
Originally published in El Espectador
July 22, 2012

"At the time of independence from Spain, the landlords attacked them until they were nearly exterminated. In the 1920s, indigenous leader Quintín Lame launched a struggle for control over ancestral territories, mobilizing indigenous peoples throughout the northern regions of Cauca and Huila and southern Tolima. Their uprisings were put down, but it was in this context that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) was born."

A Bunch of Indians!

By: Catalina Ruiz-Navarro
Originally published in El Espectador on July 18, 2012

“Muchos Indios” (lit: “Many Indians”) is how a website recently titled a news piece about how the indigenous guard threw the National Army out of their territory in Cauca, Colombia.
In Colombia, the colloquial expression “Indian” is used as an insult, while “White” is a compliment. To be “Indian” is to be ugly, savage, invisible, exotic; indigenous communities are valued only by tourists – always and only when in traditional dress.

Paraguay: Weaving Peoples Resistance Against Corporate Occupation

The undersigning organizations, collectives and individuals working towards a coordinated initiative of popular resistance from and with the peoples of Paraguay clearly and unequivocally declare:

We believe it to be an urgent priority to accompany and support the Frente Unido para la Defensa de la Democracia (United Front for the Defence of Democracy or FDD) and the expressed desires of the people of Paraguay to develop and implement their agenda of autonomous resistance to the occupation through the recent Coup d’Etat.

Some changes...

To visitors to our site, we are, as you have noticed, making some changes to the site as well as behind the scenes, and some of what we're hoping to do is exciting! We hope you keep walking with us on the way...

Hollman Morris's Nuremberg Award Speech

While receiving the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award, Morris asked president Santos to amend the victims of the DAS, and demanded from the guerillas to release all hostages.

September 25, 2011

Sunday September 25th 2011, by Camilo Segura, Juan Pablo Morris


To the water walkers...

To the water walkers...With full hearts we acknowledge your dedication, strength and wisdom in protection of the water, and hope for the growing awareness of our beings as children of the earth, and the need to protect her waters, with each of your passing steps and as the soles of your feet touch the ground...

Pueblos En Camino

Azkintuwe and the Mapuche Struggle

An interview with Pedro Cayuqueo

Justin Podur and Manuel Rozental
October 20, 2010

Anti-Mining Activist Mariano Abarca Assassinated in Chiapas

Preamble by Manuel Rozental

One day, what is already a known truth will be aknowledged. One day, those who died and keep being killed at the hands of mining corporations will cease to be anonymous victims of impunity. One day, the dark and well known forces that murder people and destroy territories and cultures to accumulate will be exposed.


To the People of the Great Territory from the Cxhab Wala Kiwe (Territory of the Great People): I’m the one who is grateful

As I thank you for the good-bye letter you sent me and made public, I need to recognize that there is a lot contained in your words. I will reply as I can, knowing I will not be able to do them justice. Your letter expresses a spirit that moves and inspires me to honor it on its own terms. This is why I start from the wisdom expressed in the conclusion, where you invite me to keep the friendship and gratitude and to continue without resentment and bitterness.

Manuel Rozental: your struggle cannot be torn from this place

[A letter from the Tejido de Comunicacion to Manuel Rozental, Oct 6/09. Manuel's reply is here, in Spanish - English coming soon]


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