An interview with Jorge Robledo

By Justin Podur and Manuel Rozental



“Les juzgaremos conforme a las acciones masacrándoles en plazas públicas para que el pueblo conozca la justicia social que se merecen los traidores a la patria.” Carta de Amenaza de: Colombia Libre de Comunistas. Brazo Político Armado de las AUC. Febrero 5 de 2007.

Manuel Rozental Case Cleared by Indigenous Tribunal

We are very pleased to report the following news. The maximum authority of the indigenous territories of Northern Cauca, the Indigenous Tribunal, has found, after the report of its Investigative Commission that worked for a year and four months on the investigation, that the accusations against Manuel Rozental are entirely unfounded, without evidence or merit, and that the accusations represented an attack on the indigenous movement.

Join the Mingas Against the Free Trade Agreement between the US and Colombia

We republish the following from our counterparts in Chicago, Chicagoans for a Peaceful Colombia.


Canadian Mining Mischief in the Americas

Several stories on Canadian mining companies here. An urgent action we are republishing on EnCana in Ecuador, and some information on a Canadian Company in Guatemala. The Ecuador first:


Environmental Irresponsibility, Corruption and Human Rights Abuse: Canada's EnCana Corporation's contribution to Ecuadorian Development



From Oaxaca

This is from our friend Pablo Leal, in Oaxaca...

México, December 6, 2006

Dear friends and compañeros,

The repression against activists and militants who participated in the Oaxaca Commune is escalating. Two days ago, three leaders of the Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) were arrested in Mexico City.

Those who have not been arrested are either in hiding or out of the city.
The EZLN has called for world wide mobilizations in solidarity with the Commune on December 22.

Despite all the violence, the over 300 political prisoners, the torture, the over 30 disappearances, the more than 10 assassinations, the Commune has not been defeated.

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In the Name of Democracy Denounces Ecuador Electoral Fraud

Open Letter from the "In the Name of Democracy" collective to the Organization of American States (OAS) and to the People of Ecuador

Saturday November 25, 2006

Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza
Secretary General
Organization of American States
Washington, D.C.
People of Ecuador

The people of Ecuador have a right to participate in free and fair elections. We support them in their struggle to exercise this fundamental right. We add our concerned voice to that of others demanding transparency and denouncing the grave irregularities reported in the first round of the presidential elections on October 15, 2006. We are particularly concerned with allegations regarding the unethical and partial behavior of the OAS head of mission, Rafael Bielsa, in the face of irregularities and manipulations on the part of Alvaro Noboa´s campaign. Our concern with the situation in Ecuador, based on abundant and reliable information and allegations of fraud in the first round and upcoming run-off in the presidential elections makes it imperative for us to write this public statement.

ONIC Issues Invitation to Participate in the Social Summit This Monday

Bulletin 053, National Indigenous Organization of Colombia
Friday, May 12, 2006

Communication media
People's Defender
Office of the Inspector General, Ethnic Affairs
National and international NGOs dedicated to human rights advocacy

Warm greetings.

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia announces that on Monday May 15, 2006, we the diverse indigenous peoples will carry out a great National Mobilization Summit, with a call to wake up and not conform passively to projects of death that threaten the life of the peoples and national sovereignty itself.

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The Time Has Come to Walk the Word

This is a communique from ACIN about the May 15 Mobilization in Colombia.

All this is difficult to see, understand, resist, and change. It demands unity, creativity, intelligence, solidarity, commitment, sacrifice and much work, but also much joy and much desire for life. -- The Indigenous and Popular Mandate

The mobilization has begun. The demand for the right to a different country. In an uprising of consciousness, humble gifts are brought together to generate liberty, solidarity, and justice.

Colombia is not the country we have dreamed of. Today more than ever, we stand by what we stated in the Indigenous and Popular Mandate: “The state that should protect us persecutes us.” Recent events confirm this. Under the banner of the mobilization, the Black, Mestizo, and Indigenous communities of Suarez and Morales have marched to the city of Cali to demand fulfillment of the agreements that have gone unfulfilled for 20 years. In Cali they were met by ESMAD (public forces). There are wounded and detained. In recent days advisors of Piedad Cordoba and Carlos Gaviria have been assassinated. So have 10 campesinos in Meta. One group of social organizations has been threatened with death by "demobilized" paramilitaries.

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Frente a lo que pasa: Seamos Millones, CARAJO

Manuel Rozental
Pueblos en Camino
Toronto, 2006-03-24

A partir de unos hechos recientes en Ecuador y en Colombia, se presenta una interpretación general y unos desafíos globales. Considero que los hechos reclaman una capacidad de reconocimiento y de reacción mayor y mas apropiada de la que existe en la practica, sin las cuales, los pueblos que resisten se quedan solos en sus actos heroicos y el imperio y sus agentes mienten, roban y matan a nombre de la justicia, la libertad y la democracia desde el inmerecido pedestal de la respetabilidad y el reconocimiento que, por criminales no merecen. Desde el clamor de los hechos de hoy y frente a responsabilidades y decisiones concretas, la historia de estos momentos nos llama para que la lucha digna no se ahogue en la soledad y para que la indignidad no siga avanzando impunemente. Examinar lo que venimos haciendo, lo que hicimos o dejamos de hacer en estos días, lo que podemos y debemos cambiar requiere de tomar las decisiones necesarias para tener la capacidad de reconocer la dimensión y magnitud de lo que los hechos representan y la responsabilidad individual y colectiva que nos corresponde para afrontar el horror y defender la dignidad.


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